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Why mixelate?

Mixelate offers experience for new and experienced freelancers. Our mentorship team invites all talented individual to use their skills to become self sufficient as a freelancer. Our service spread is wide in variety and deep in specifics. We offer all if not, almost all services a business may need, and we need you to complete their requests. Click the button below to learn if we need your skillset!

how does it work?

We advertise Mixelate through many different strategies, whether it be an online forum or an in person networking event. Mixelate also has a non-negotiable payment practice, where the buyer must send the money to Mixelate before we pay our freelancer. This protects all transactions from scams and from failure to complete schemes. Managing all of this costs money so Mixelate has a 15% service fee for all transactions. The rest is yours to keep. Interested? Click the button below to apply!